What’s a Visa?
A Visa is a document that allows you to travel to a specific country for a specific period of time.  It is generally issued by a country’s Consulate.  A Visa may be stamped or glued to the inside of a passport, or it may be issued electronically (such as in Australia).  Some countries require that you have a Visa to enter, while some countries may have agreements with eachother to waive Visa requirements to travel back and forth.  A Visa may allow only one visit, or it may allow multiple visits.  Without a Visa, you will be prevented from boarding flights to many countries.

How do I get a Visa?
The Consulates or Embassies of various countries are responsible for authorizing Visas.  In order to receive your Visa, you will have to provide the appropriate Visa documentation.  24 Hour Passports and Visas can expedite Emergency Visas by submitting the proper documents to your destination’s Consulate or Embassy.

What’s a Visa Invitation or Confirmation?
Visa Invitations or Confirmations are sponsor letters or documents that are approved by the Foreign Ministry of a country that authorize someone to visit.  These documents usually include the itinerary dates of stay, the name of a hosting organization, the cities of visit, an official reference number, and a seal of approval.  Formats will vary by country.

What’s a Passport?
A passport is a travel document that serves as official proof of citizenship and is issued by the government of your country of residence.  In the United States, passports are issued by the U.S. Passport Agency.  In Canada, passports are issued by Passport Canada.

How long will my U.S. Passport be valid for?
If you were 16 or older at the time of issue, your passport will be valid for 10 years.  If you were under 16 at the time of issue, then your passport will be valid for 5 years.  If you are traveling abroad, most countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months or longer beyond the stay of your trip.  If your passport expires sooner, you will need to renew.

Do children under 16 require Passport?
Yes, every U.S. citizen must have a passport to travel, infants included.

Are there specific requirements for my Passport Photo?
Yes, photographs must be 2” x 2” in size, taken within the past 6 months, and on a white background.  Please see our section under Other Services for more information, or contact us to have your photo taken at our office.

How long does it take to process a Passport?
With 24 Hour Passport and Visas, your passport can be ready within 24 hours.

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