International Business Travel Tips!

International business travel… a tad more stressful than say, a quick weekend vacation to Miami. We’ve compiled a few guidelines to make your work and travel experience abroad a little easier!


1: Flighty-flighty!

Try to book your flights as far in advance as possible, to ensure the best seat selection, as well as the best prices. Minimize travel stress by booking flights with a minimum of 2 hours between connections. You may need time to recheck luggage and go through security screening again. Make sure that you leave plenty of time so that you are not rushing frantically from one end of the airport to another.

2: Document thyself…

You will need a valid U.S passport that may expire in a minimum of 6 months after your international travel. Make sure that you are aware of the Visa requirements for the country you are travelling to. Of course, should you discover that your passport has *GASP* expired right before your booked travel dates, have no fear. We can expedite your passport in as little as 24hrs!!

6: Carrying-on

Pack important documents, computer and other electronics as well as a change of work clothes in your carry on. If something should happen to your luggage, you’ll still be able to get by, and make it to that all important meeting.

4: Your calling card

On extended trips a new sim card to match your destination might work best, but simply customizing options can work well too.  Adding an international data plan, for example, will let you use smartphone apps (see below) that can be invaluable during travel, as well as prevent overage charges, which can be FRIGHTENINGLY huge! Be sure to check in with your service provider about your data usage before you leave.

6: App-happy

Maximize your Smartphone by downloading travel apps, books and videos onto your phone before you travel.  Here is a list of Apps we personally love to use while travelling: Tripit, Photosynth, Instagram, flightaware, The Northface-trailhead, Everytrail, Urbanspoon, Kayak.

7: You say goodbye, I say hello…

It is so important to know just a few basic words in the language of the country you are visiting. Learning the basics, such as how to say ‘hello’, please’, ‘thank-you’, and ‘how much’ will take you far on foreign soil. Everyone appreciates the traveler who respects the language (even if they may giggle at your pronunciation) Speaking of Apps… there are literally hundreds of language learning aids and translation apps, a lot of them free, too.


Bon Voyage, and safe travels!


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