Naturalization Certificate

Individuals can apply for a replacement of naturalization/citizenship certificate if your original certificate has been lost, destroyed or stolen. It may be necessary to apply for a new certificate using form N-565 if the current information is outdated or incorrect on your original certificate, for example your name has been legally changed through marriage or divorce.

When filing the completed form N-565 application, the form should be accompanied with the following evidence. Two colored photos taken within the past 30 days. Photos must be glossy and untouched. The background of photo must be white. Passport picture size is recommended. Your name should be written lightly in pencil on the back of photo with Alien Registration Number, if any. This application must be filled out correctly and signature is required, along with correct applicable fees. Not adhering to any of these parts of the process could result in your application being rejected.

If the reason you are applying is due to the fact that your document has been destroyed, you must submit the destroyed document as well.

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