How to Get A US Passport Replacement

How to Get A Replacement Passport when you Lost your Old One

Do you have a nearing travel plan, but you don’t have your passport in your possession or you lost it? Do you really think that you can travel abroad without your passport? If you have lost your passport a few months ago, you need to apply for a passport replacement. But people find it quite difficult to apply for a new passport by following the governmental process, especially, if your travel date is nearing.

Whenever you find it difficult to deal with the hurdles for getting a passport replacement, it is recommended to search the right person who can help you getting a passport ready even prior to your traveling plan.

A person who is qualified for the US passport can apply for a replacement passport by going online without getting worried about the lengthy governmental process as the non-government passport expediting service offers you a convenient option. Online accessibility of the US passport agents will save your time and efforts, especially when you are seeking a new passport for rigorous purposes.

The service of 24 Hour Passport and Visas is recommended to those haven’t used their passport in years, forgot their passport or lost it by mistake as well as worried because of their stolen passport. Apply for a new replacement passport where you need to follow the formality like a new one. If you lost your previous passport, you can get its replacement, but providing a few documents would be required.

Here are the Application Instructions:

 Gather the Essential Documents for a Stolen or Replacement Passport:

 Fill up a DS-11 passport application form and send it without signing.

  • Arrange a certified U.S. birth certificate or naturalization certificate.
  • ID proofs (a valid driver’s license & government issued photo ID)
  • Call for A letter of authorization
  • Complete a DS-64 form if your passport was stolen or lost (it should be signed and dated)
  • A money order or check to “US Department of State”

This easiest process will be helpful to get a passport replacement if you are considering the reliable agents on the internet. Also, you can rest assure that the expedited service will be given to you with an assurance of the most prominent agents of US who would help in getting accessed to your misplaced or stolen passport in a shortest possible time frame at a very small amount of fee charges.


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