Tips for remaining stress free during your travels!

Tips for remaining stress free during your travels!

We all know that travelling can be stressful! What was meant to be the perfect getaway, or pre-planned work trip can quickly go from calm and organized to chaotic. Delayed or canceled flights, expired passports, jet lag, traffic, language barriers, you name it… the list can be quite long! Here a few tips to keep you calm on your journey.
Cool, calm and collected…
It’s easy to get agitated at a busy bustling airport when there are long lines, people with an excess of baggage (bags, socks, shoes, belts, scarves, keys, incorrectly packed liquids etc.) children crying, and stern, stoic TSA agents. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that the agents are there for your safety, and that they are doing their jobs according to the guidelines set out for them. Try not to take anything too personally. If you tend to have stress while checking in, it might be a good idea to arrive as early as you can to avoid the stress of dealing with long lines and unruly or restless crowds.



You may find that booking a non-stop flight may be worth the extra cost. You would avoid any extra check in’s, layovers spent on a hard airport chair, and the inconvenience of trekking through an airport, rushing to find the connecting flight.
Lagging behind
A common complaint of most travelers is Jet-lag. There are a number of ways one can minimize the effects of this dreaded condition.
1: Avoid excess alcohol or caffeine, drink plenty of water, and eat light meals. Alcohol and caffeine are bound to get you dehydrated, which will ultimately exacerbate jet lag.
2: Try pre-adjusting to the new time zone a day in advance by setting your watch to your destination time the day before you travel and preconditioning yourself to the new time. If it is six hours later at your travel destination, this means waking up six hours earlier the day you travel and then going to sleep when it is nighttime at your destination
3: Melatonin, ‘No-jet lag’, and Valerian root are recommended by herbal practioners as sleep aids that are useful during, before and after travel. As with all new medications, please check with your Personal Physician before starting any new regime.
Stay healthy…
Exercise, as well as keeping your body strong, can vastly improve your mood and lift your spirits. A brisk walk around a new city or a jog through a beautiful park can do much for one’s psyche, as well as decrease the stress that may come with travelling. As an added bonus, you’ll get to explore your new environment!!
There are many free Apps available that provide information as to hiking trails, and walking paths in various cities.
Bon voyage!

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