Travel tips for the new Traveler



When you are fresh off the plane on your first travel adventure, there may be much you don’t know about the brand new world unfolding before you. Nerves, fear, excitement, all of these feelings come in to play when experiencing travelling for the first time. We’ve got some tips to help you create the best memories you could imagine, and get you off that plane and onto foreign soil with confidence, and joy!

1: Don’t expect things to be like they are at home. Really, just don’t. That’s the whole point of going somewhere else. To explore! To experience a bold new world, to broaden your mind, and enliven your senses! So let go of your expectations, and relish in the NEW.

2: Be open to learning new things, starting with language! Learn the basics of the local language. ‘Hello’, ‘goodbye’,’ please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘how much’ are good places to start. A very helpful phrase is “do you speak English, please?”  This is a wonderful way to show respect, break down barriers and start conversations. This leads me to….

3: Manners are universal, so use them. Mind your P’s and Q’s, and remember, just because you do not understand what someone is saying does not mean that they are deaf!  Refrain from shouting or raising your voice when trying to communicate.  They can hear just fine, they just can’t understand you!
4: Please, please, NEVER complain that the inhabitants of the country you are visiting do not speak English. Remember… you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Imagine an Italian or Brazilian visitor coming over to the U.S. and being irritated at you for not speaking Italian, or Portuguese. I bet you’d feel a tad bit offended!!!

5: If at all possible, celebrate local customs and festivals with the local culture in their traditional manners. This way, you’ll truly get to understand the culture and spirit of the people.

6: Have a small amount of cash on hand, some in loose change for taxi’s, buses and trains etc. Smaller notes are great for bargaining when doing some street shopping, too.

7: Take it to the street! Eat some street food! Street Vendors come from a long, long lineage of cooks, and their recipes are probably the most authentic of meals you will get while traveling. Excite your palette! Yes, we know that there is a McDonalds in every country in the world… but take this opportunity to venture out and delight and titillate your taste buds!

8: Talk to the local people. Be open and friendly. It’s amazing what you will learn, not just about other cultures, but about yourself, too!

9: Attempt to do something on your trip that scares you, or is something you wouldn’t ordinarily do at home. Skydiving in the Maldives? Shark dive in South Africa? Challenge yourself. You’ll return stronger and more confident.  Also, don’t be afraid to share and mingle with other travelers you meet along the way. They may turn out to be helpful tour guides, and you may make some life-long friends!

10: On a final note… make sure that you safe-guard your passport. Make sure that you have a couple of copies of it, and email a scanned copy to a friend for safekeeping. Lock it away in a safe at night. It is, after all, your ‘passport’ to freedom.


Enjoy! Bon Voyage!

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