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Whether you are traveling internationally for business, to visit family, or even just for fun, you are going to need a passport.  Perhaps you’ve never had a U.S. passport, or maybe you need an urgent US passport renewal.  Well look no further – 24 Hour Passport and Visas’ highly trained professionals will guide you through the process, enhancing your experience by saving you both time and money! We work with the US Passport Agency as well as various Embassies to process the required documents faster than you could through more common channels.  You can count on our years of knowledge and experience.  Receive your passport in as little as 24 hours with help of quick or urgent passport services!

Urgent Passport Services in US

A traveler may need urgent passport services to obtain a new passport quickly for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a lost or stolen passport isn’t even missed until the person is preparing to take another trip. There are also those who, typically due to a marriage or divorce, need to change the name on their passport name so that it reflects their current legal identity. Some people who are traveling internationally for the first time might not even realize that they need a passport to travel to their desired destination. These individuals are not the only ones that need new US passports, however. This also applies if your previous passport has expired, was issued more than 15 years ago, or you received it before you turned 16.

If a child will be accompanying you on your travels, you will be required to obtain a Child’s US Passport for each child. Although the procedure is similar to that for adults, you will also need to provide verification that you are the parent and fill out the correct form.

At 24 Hour Passport and Visas, we have a thorough knowledge of the forms and other documents required to get an urgent passport or quick U.S. Passport Card that you need for your specific travel destination and travel period. We have access to the needed authorities so that we can make the process a much faster one for you.

Please click on one of our many quick or urgent passport services below for more information on how to get started.

24 Hour Passport and Visas is a private, non-government passport and visa US passport service agency. The fees included with our US passport services are to expedite the procedures and are in addition to the government fees. If you are in a situation that does not require urgent passport services you can apply directly through the US Department of State,, and avoid paying our additional courier fees.

Visa Special

$99 China Visa
4-5 business days plus consulate fees

Only $99.00

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Standard US Passport
9-14 Business days plus government fees

Only $69.00