Can I leave the airport during a layover?

The very last thing you need to happen is to be caught without a visa during a layover, or in transit. Some countries can be brutally tough, and send you back on the first flight out. Never fear! We did some research and found out some visa requirements for countries that we expedite Visas to!

Russia visa:

If you are on a direct flight through the territory of Russia, or travel by international airline and change flights in the same airport within 24 hours, you DO NOT need a visa.

A transit visa may be obtained for people who need to change flights while in Russia. Such travelers are allowed to stay at the place of flight change for not more than 3 days. (However, if you choose another form of transportation, the term of visa can be longer.) The maximum period of validity of a transit visa is 10 days.

Sheremetyevo Airport is one of the 3 major airports serving Moscow. It is also the 2nd largest airport in Russia. While waiting for a connecting flight at this airport, foreign citizens can stay for 24 hours with no Russian visa issued. If the flight change requires a stay in Sheremetyevo for more than 24 hours, passengers may obtain a RF transit visa directly in the airport, by presenting a ticket for continuing flight, and identification documents.


Brazil visa:

If you have an immediate connecting flight and DO NOT LEAVE the international area of the airport, you DO NOT need a visa, since you are not going to pass through immigration.

If you must stay for a short period of time in Brazil while waiting for a connecting flight or to embark on a ship, you must obtain a ‘transit visa’. However, the transit visa only allows one entry. If you plan to enter Brazil again on your way back, you must apply for a tourist visa, which allows multiple entries. The maximum time in transit you may stay in Brazil is 7 hours.

It is highly recommended that you obtain a Brazil tourist visa, considering that it is always possible that an international flight may be delayed or even cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Brazil requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport and visa when traveling to Brazil for any purpose. You must obtain your Brazilian visa in advance, in the United States. Immigration authorities will refuse entry into Brazil to anyone not possessing a valid visa.

China visa:

Visas are NOT REQUIRED of Passengers who hold air tickets to the final destination and have booked seats on international airliners flying directly through China, and will stay in a transit city for less than 24 hours WITHOUT LEAVING the airport. When transiting through China via Shanghai Pudong or Hongqiao Airport and staying in Shanghai less than 48 hours, a  transit visa is not required if you are a national U.S. citizen. Remember that you valid passport, the visa to your target country, and the booked city-by-city airplane tickets, whose date and seats have already be confirmed, are required.


India visa

If you are just at the airport for a short transit, there is no need for a transit visa, but if you decide to LEAVE the terminal, you will need a visa, as you will be passing India Immigration. There, you will present your passport and they will check for your visa.

A transit Visa may be provided for up to 15 days, providing that the passenger has an air ticket to an onward journey to a destination beyond India.


Safe travels!

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